Über uns Projekte AIDS in Zahlen Interessantes

Ein Tagebuch zu Corona in unseren Projekten in Uganda und Kenia
von März bis September 2020

Im September 2020 habe ich mich entschlossen, die vielen Infos zusammenzustellen, die uns seit März von unseren Projektpartnern aus Ostafrika zum Thema Covid19 erreichten. Sonst gibt es hier einmal im Jahr die Jahresberichte zur Projektarbeit. Aber ab April brach die Kommunikation per Internet und Telefon weitgehend zusammen, weil unsere afrikanischen Freunde keinen Zugang mehr zu Internet-Cafes hatten und sie selbst keine eigenen Computer haben. Es ging nur noch über Whatsapp, das bedeutete, ich musste mir ein Smartphone zulegen. Zum Glück waren meine Gesprächspartner/innen geübt und standen mir mit Zuspruch und hilfreichen Tipps zur Seite!

Die wichtigsten Texte und Fotos folgen hier im Original und ich hoffe, dass sie die jetzige Pandemie-Situation unter afrikanischen Bedingungen beleuchten können.
Reverend Ezra aus Uganda war der erste, der auf meine Fragen an alle Partner nach Covid19 antwortete. 

21.3. Dear Elizabeth thank u very for your advice and prevention information. Uganda Government also closed all schools and university's since Wednesday. All public gatherings, conferences religious etc are closed though no case is reported yet. Many things are getting more expensive. Handwashing is being emphasized etc. The population is really worried . Ezra

Daraufhin schickte ich allen die Verhaltensregeln der WHO zu, hier ein kurzes Beispiel:

"Wash your hands frequently: Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. Why? Washing your hands with soap and water or using alcohol based hand rub kills viruses that may be on your hands"

24.3. On Sunday Uganda confirmed 1 case of a Ugandan who returned from Dubai.  Last night 8 more were confirmed positive. All these were abode the same airline. I cannot imagine the rate at which the virus is devastating the world. Many more people here are getting on the knees to pray for God's intervention at their homes.
Markets have been closed. Yesterday our neighbors who had gone to sell and or  buy stuff from Rwaihamba market (our nearest market) were all dispersed by police. Prices for most staff have skyrocketed.
The president directed that those people who dont have their own transport means should avoid  public transport unless if they must.  Buses have reduced the maximum numbers of passengers they carry to reduce congestion but hiked the fares to cover up the gap.  All shops including our small ones in our neighborhood have been directed to have hand wash facilities at their entrances.  We cannot imagine  where we are ending.
Our prayers are with you all  for God's protection. Ezra

24.3. We are fine though with alot of fear surrounding us.so far 15 got tested positive of Corona virus in kenya, so all schools, Universities, learning institutions were closed by Friday last week. No gathering needed eg church meetings, funerals, weddings ets. Everyone is adviced to be home and wash hands regularly.
It's scaring, all boarders are closed.
We are praying God to interview since the hand to mouth citizens are starving now since they cannot work to earn a living.
Protective gears are still not adequate in the hospitals. So health persons are very scared including me.
Let's pray.

26.3. Elizabeth, we are scared here. People are told to follow instructions BUT they are not following. Few are abiding. Staying at home is a BIG problem here. since they claim they cannot get there daily bread if they sit at home. which is somehow very true.Please help us pray for Kenyans.We now have 28 positive corona cases in the country. Thanks.TAMIMA

31.3. Dear friends, I hope you are still safe.  We hear of how the virus is moving fast in countries. On our side the number of cases are also increasing. By yesterday they were 33  of these 31 are Ugandans and 2 Chinese. Nearly all of these came from foreign countries..
Last night our president announced additional restrictions that tantamount to a  lock down for 14 days.  Among these, include: No private vehicle is allowed to move on the road since 10pm at night except on a special permission issued by the District Commissioner. All Government vehicles in the district  are supposed to be packed at the the district headquarters and  at the command of the District health officer help in emergencies. .Only cargo vehicles  for food stuffs , etc can move. Bodabodas (cycle taxis) are restricted to carrying stuffs like food. Even the food sellers must stay at the places they work from- not go back to their homes. If they cannot afford this, they close the business for the 2 weeks. A curfew has been imposed. No one is allowed to move past 7Pm except the security. These are just a few among others. So things are really tough. We are praying for you and for ourselves that this gets over.  With love, Ezra

We have talked by phone as committee and agreed to buy food for orphans and members.
No group meetings are allowed,so we are  thinking of finding a rider to drop the foodstaffs to all.
Covid infections are increasing in kenya.The infection is now in the country and every one is afraid.
Lets pray for the best.
Its not easy.
Business is very low and food items are expensive here,

19.5. Tamima
I hope you are fine and keeping safe.
Yes, we tried using the rider to distribute some foods though it was challenging since some members were not at home to receive.
We resorted to them collecting to help keep clear records.
I hope you got the photos.
If not,tell me to resend.
The photos with a lady with her children is a new widow who we wished to incorporate in the group.The husband died a week ago and she is very needy.
Thanks for the donations.
We distributed beans,maize and chicken 1 for each child

We thought covid -19 could ONLY take some days .but unfortunately it has taken several months.
We gave out foods hoping to save some money for the orphans’ budget back to school. But all was in vain since we all were still expected to be in doors for a longer time. The affected cases were increasing day and night with a lot of contact cases taken for quarantine. Indeed it has been a crisis since most of our ladies are widows staying with orphans. They all have to go out to look for money to buy food and feed their children. STAYING AT HOME IS NOT POSSIBLE IN KENYA.
First round and second round was done by a motorbike rider. He went round giving all the foods at doorsteps of OBWG members since government needed people in door.
The group had ksh 35,000 which they also used to save the situation.

My children (boys)a re all in school still .the schools are closed now indefinitely. So we are all home.
We budgeted with 30 people because we gave others who are not in the group and are also in great need.Some also care for more than 1 child ,so such a person was given more food.

Meeting with above youth. I taught on condom use and staying safe, distributed sanitary towels too.

19.9. Tamima: I took advantage of seventh day Adventist Church camp meetings to get the youths for the lessons.
I taught on:
prevention of HIV, pregnancy and condom use. It's a long holiday and many youths got unwanted pregnant and may not go to schools next year due to pregnancy and covid 19.

19.9. Tamima ONYALO BIRO:  It has been a long holiday due to Corona.
We hope schools are opening soon since Corona is now reducing.
We as committee hope to use your money for school going preparation.
Some predict October 2020,we may go back to school when Corona measures are all put in place in all learning places
 Currently we have nothing in our account.
Thank you alot for the contribution.
If something remains, we will bused our income generating activities in the group
Am planning to meet Pathfinder youths tomorrow in Seventh Day Adventist Church.
They invited me to teach them on sexuality and covid 19

Hallow, it's sad and very sad here in Homabay country.
We have just burried a nurse who have died due to covid 19.
Here are the photos. Tamima (erste Reihe links)
Please take care, covid 19 is real

Marjorie, Kitojo Uganda 25.9.20
Hi to you  there. To me  am doing good.  I (left on photo) have many skills that I can teach to the youths. As youth have no school we have to teach them with Aida (center of photo). First we are weaving baskets. Have a good day

Marjorie making handmade masks at home

SMAK project auf dem Land in Kakamega, West-Kenia

19.9. Angelina aus Nairobi, ist in ihre Heimat aufs Land („in the rural“) nach Westkenia gefahren, um mit Jugendlichen zu arbeiten:

These are young mothers below 18 years and have between 3+4 children. In the rural l trained them on production of liquid soap for handwashing and for income generating also took them through the importance of wearing facemasks which are expensive in the rural. They are in need of clothes, shoes for their children too and pls donate.

I managed to mobilize some pairs of shoes for this rural football team for under 18 years. Keeping young boys busy during this long school holiday they are very much in need of shoes, boots and uniforms even if they are used if you can get and send as donation

Angelina von Single Mothers Project in Ziwani Slum, Nairobi
Life for slum women who had been depending on laundry work in homes has become very difficult because since corona no family is willing to hire them. So they are serving and collecting used shopping bags and face masks, washing them in unclean river waters and selling them at the open air market. They are the target at risk being in that dirty water the whole day with no gumboots or gloves for protection. That is unsafe and that is the reason why I am busy looking for face masks order. They should  stitch (produce) masks as an income.

The two ladies collect used face-masks from dump sites wash and sell them. Forcing us to stich some from our leftover materials and distribute to them.

Teaching them how to stitch masks as an income generating project is a future project. Then they can start table banking to save for their individual sewing machine

Angelina distributes 2 footballs to the street-boys, SMAK project in Ziwani Slum in Nairobi

Angelina, 10.11.20
hat einen Fahrrad-Corso mitorganisiert.  Straßenkinder sammeln unterwegs, mit dabei sind fünf von "ihren" Jungen. z. B. "Tom", hat eine kleine Werkstatt auf dem Gelände von SMAK unter einem Dach aufgebaut, wo er Fahrräder repariert. Von den Aufträgen kann er schon  leben. Das spornt ihn an und er ist ein Vorbild für andere.

They are raising funds for the slum and street activities which includes feeding of street families, integration of street children back to their families and back to school.

Angelina, Nairobi 15.11.20

Am so happy today through What's up l have been able to trace the family of this boy who is 17years old from Western Kenya has been in the street for 5 years, left home with friends, reaching Nairobi they abandoned him.  Tomorrow l will start the process of uniting him with his family through children officer and police.

Yesterday's feeding programme was a success thanks to your endless support which we ackowledge. Looking forward to a better world relationship with all of you. Thank you!